Green bonds

KBN has issued green funding since 2010. The first years were aimed at Japanese households in the Uridashi market. In 2013 with increasing global demand for sustainable and responsible investments and projects with a climate benefit, KBN, as one of the first European SSA issuers, launched a 3-year 500 million US dollar green bond issue earmarked towards green projects.

Since 2013, KBN has issued a further two public US dollar green bonds and has cemeted itself as a regular issuer in this market. In February 2015, KBN issued a 10y 500 million US dollar green bond. In October 2016, KBN issued its third US dollar green bond, a 4y 500 million dollar trade.

All three public bonds have been were well received by social responsible investors and have been heavily oversubscribed.

In June 2016, KBN updated its Green Bond programme and was rewarded a Dark Green shading by CICERO.
Bergen Light Rail

We finance green transportation

A greener, better and faster journey with Bergen light-rail. “Bybanen” is the single largest investment funded through KBN’s Green Loans program. Read more More

Tønsberg Water Plant IKS

Biological Water Management

Tønsberg Water Plant reduces environmental impact on the Oslo Fjord. Read more More

Ødegården kindergarten

Innovative building technology to young citizens

Ødegården kindergarten was constructed according to the passive house standard which means the building consumes very little energy. Read more More

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