Our corporate social responsibility work

KBN aims to be a leader in corporate social responsibility in its area, and over the course of 2017 we worked systematically on corporate social responsibility and how we report on our corporate social responsibility activities.

KBN carried out a gap analysis in late 2015 and early 2016 to identify areas where its work on corporate social responsibility fell short of the expectations set out in the Government’s White Paper on Ownership Policy (White Paper No. 27, 2013- 2014). This analysis forms part of KBN's corporate social responsibility work.

KBN bases its corporate social responsibility work on engaging in extensive dialogue with its stakeholders, including both stakeholders who are affected by KBN's activities and those who can influence our activities in a material way. These stakeholders include KBN’s owner, its Board of Directors, its customers, employee representatives and investors. KBN last carried out an extensive process of dialogue with its stakeholders in 2016.

As part of KBN's objective to be a leader in our selected areas of corporate social responsibility, it continually maps any new initiatives and expectations from its owner, changes to national and international standards that affect best practice, and developments in respect of norms and attitudes of significance to its stakeholders. KBN’s corporate social responsibility is firmly based on guidelines, and it reports on its work in accordance with widely accepted corporate social responsibility reporting practices.

KBN has followed the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI’s) G4 Core Guidelines as its standard for corporate social responsibility reporting since 2016. GRI collaborates with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the United Nations Global Compact. This report comments on most of the themes included in the G4 Core Guidelines, and a complete table of indicators can be found here. In addition to compliance with the GRI’s G4 Guidelines, KBN is committed to complying with the OECD guidelines for international companies where these are relevant to it.

KBN is committed to providing clear reporting on how its work on the climate and environment, human rights, employee rights, the prevention of corruption and the promotion of openness are incorporated into its business strategies and day-to-day activities, as well as in relation to its stakeholders.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the company's corporate social responsibility, and KBN publishes a report on its work in this area annually. 

Objectives and measures implemented in 2017

KBN’s work on corporate social responsibility is intended to ensure good reporting practice, that important key themes are addressed, and that its business activities are carried out with the correct focus on corporate social responsibility. These objectives are achieved through KBN’s dialogue with stakeholders and its GRI reporting.