Dialogue with stakeholders

Openness is one of KBN's core values. As a knowledge-based organisation, we wish to share information with our stakeholders and to exchange views with them within the framework permitted by legislation.

We strive to contribute to best practice for financial management in the local government sector, to promote expertise in local government finance among economics students, and to provide information on the borrowing and indebtedness of the local government sector for both national government and local government decision-makers.

We are committed to listening to the views of our stakeholders by gathering their views through regular and systematic contact. This is of crucial importance to KBN's overall strategy and communications as well as to its work on corporate social responsibility.

An important program of work was carried out in 2016 to analyse the views of stakeholders as the basis for KBN’s materiality analysis. We intend to regularly review our priorities for corporate social responsibility in relation to the expectations of our most important stakeholders.

Performance in 2017

2018 Objectives

KBN has one overriding objective for its work on dialogue with stakeholders in 2018:

  • We will complete a process of systematic dialogue with our stakeholders.


List of stakeholders

Our stakeholders are parties that can influence our operations and parties that can be affected by our operations to a significant extent.


Our customers are Norwegian municipalities and county authorities.


All KBN employees work in its offices in Oslo.


KBN is a limited liability company 100%-owned by the Norwegian state, with the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation acting as KBN’s owner.


KBN is subject to legislation, regulations and supervision just like other financial institutions.


We refer to the buyers of the bonds we issue as investors. Our investors are participants in the capital markets such as pension funds and central banks.


KBN’s activities affect Norwegian society and we are therefore in close dialogue with interest groups such as the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS) and the Zero Emission Resource Organisation (ZERO).