Diversity and equality

KBN works in a targeted and systematic way on ensuring diversity and equality within its own organisation.

KBN seeks to ensure long-term value creation by benefiting from people with diverse types of expertise, background and experience. KBN strives to work in a targeted and systematic way to ensure diversity and equality within its own organisation and to select suppliers and collaboration partners capable of documenting the results of their work on diversity and equality.

KBN’s objective is to achieve a good gender balance at all levels and within all units, with an overall gender balance target of 40%. KBN is committed to the equal treatment of its employees, and ensures that all employees have access to the same opportunities for professional and personal development and career progression. Employees who do not speak Norwegian are provided with language training. The promotion of diversity and equality also forms part of management development at KBN, and work in this area is always on the agenda at the meetings of managers of personnel. The target for succession planning for management positions and critical roles is that there should be suitable internal candidates of both genders when vacancies arise.

KBN's remuneration policy is that overall remuneration should be competitive but not market leading when compared with similar companies in the banking and finance sector. To counteract systematic differences in salaries that are based on gender, additional checks are carried out when final decisions are being taken on salary increases, and where relevant changes are made if a difference is identified. KBN offers flexible working hours to facilitate arrangements for employees who have care responsibilities at home.

Performance in 2017


Measures implemented in 2017

KBN's work to promote diversity and equality is a fundamental part of its recruitment of new employees, its development of managers and employees, and its salary policy. Both when recruiting new employees and when making changes to the composition of management groups and organisational units, KBN pays particular attention to gender balance. Recruitment processes are always carried out in such a way that the best-qualified female and male candidates are identified and assessed. 

The composition of KBN's employees became somewhat more diversified in terms of international background and experience over the course of 2017, although the age profile was little changed. 

The work carried out by potential suppliers in relation to equality and diversity is an explicit criterion when selecting suppliers. Suppliers must document such work. This criterion was applied in 2017, and was a decisive factor in at least one major procurement process.

2018 Objectives

KBN has two overriding objectives for its work on equality and diversity in 2018:

  • We shall be an equal organisation and have diversity among our employees.
  • We shall expect suppliers and customers to work systematically on diversity and equality at their organisations and in relation to their sub-contractors.

In addition, the following KPIs will be reported on in KBN’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report

  • Gender balance at all levels and in all units
  • Women’s salaries as a percentage of men’s salaries across different categories of position
  • Overall gender balance across all KBN employees