Ethical conduct

A key element in KBN’s corporate social responsibility is its work on ethical conduct. All employees and managers are required to act in accordance with KBN’s Code of Conduct. Regular sessions are held for employees in order to increase their awareness, and dilemma training is provided. All new employees, suppliers and customers are required to familiarise themselves with KBN’s Code of Conduct, which is available on KBN’s website in English, Norwegian and Japanese.

KBN has a zero-tolerance approach to bullying, harassment and discrimination.

KBN has procedures in place for anyone who is concerned about unacceptable conduct or circumstances to report this (whistle blowing), and has rules and procedures in place to process any such reports. Whistle blowing reports can be sent to KBN through an external channel. This arrangement makes it easier for external parties to contact KBN if they have concerns, and also makes it possible for both external parties and employees to report anonymously if they consider this to be preferable or essential.

This chapter is new for 2018, as KBN previously reported on ethical conduct issues in the section entitled “Ethical conduct, money laundering and anti-corruption”.

2018 Objectives

KBN has three overriding objectives for its work on ethical conduct in 2018:

  • We shall maintain high ethical standards.
  • We expect KBN employees to behave ethically in line with our Code of Conduct in meetings with customers, colleagues, suppliers and others.
  • We expect KBN employees to exercise caution and to behave ethically in public arenas, including on social media.

We have defined the following objectives and KPIs for our work on ethical conduct in 2018: