Sharing expertise and responsible lending

KBN seeks to contribute to strong financial and debt management in the local government sector and to help the sector to maintain its sound financial position.

We are committed to supporting a high level of awareness of financial issues related to debt management in the local government sector by engaging in dialogue with our customers and sharing our expertise with them. We strive to ensure our activities support sound financial management by the local government sector and the provision of high-quality welfare services.

 Our objective is for KBN to be the best source of information to support decision-making on financing and debt management. At the heart of KBN’s provision of loans is an extensive credit assessment framework that applies to all our customers. We want to make our credit assessment methodology more open and accessible in order to increase the transparency of our assessments and to provide our customers with valuable insight. KBN is committed to ensuring that its lending products are straightforward and transparent so that customers have a good understanding of their future obligations.

KBN launched a debt management system known as KBN Finans in 2016. This is a web-based tool that helps our customers with analysis and reporting relating to their loans and interest rate fixings as well as other information including transaction history. KBN Finans helps customers to evaluate their municipality's borrowing position and exposure to financial risk.

Performance in 2017

Measures implemented in 2017

KBN further developed KBN Finans in 2017 and will continue this work in 2018 with a target of ensuring it offers easy-to-use digital services to its customers that provide them with a better basis for making decisions and managing their financing efficiently.

 KBN organises regional finance seminars in many parts of Norway on current topics related to debt management. These seminars feature both internal and external speakers, with customers also contributing on occasion. They constitute a good arena for customers to update their professional knowledge and to share experiences.

2018 Objectives

KBN has two overriding objectives for its work on expertise sharing and responsible lending in 2018:

  • We shall actively contribute to greater insight into risk management and debt management in the local government sector, which will include disseminating relevant information.
  • We will ensure our lending activities support customers to manage their borrowings in a long-term, sustainable way.