Eco-friendly operations at KBN

KBN shall act with social responsibility and be climate conscious. In 2012 KBN was recertified as an Eco-Lighthouse.
KBN carries through regular risk analysis and has set up environmental goals and a Health, Environment and Safety (HES) action plan.

KBN's facilities provide good opportunities for energy efficiency. Energy consumption is monitored by a network of sensors for power, cooling and heating. Detailed survey and monitoring of energy consumption provide a unique opportunity for controlling and reducing KBN’s own consumption. Actions put into operation such as recycling, waste reduction and systems resulting in reduced energy consumption will be continued.

Due to the nature of its operations, KBN’s direct effect on total greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impact are minimal. An annual environmental report is created, showing trends within the various criteria measured. The criteria are measured by a climate calculator for companies.

In 2012 the Eco-Lighthouse Foundation recertified KBN’s operations as environmentally sustainable. KBN has a Grønn Punkt Norge (Green Dot Norway plc) membership. Green IT is implemented through the use of virtual servers. Work stations have been replaced by zero clients. KBN has eco-friendly guidelines for travel both to and from work and business travel.

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