KBN Green Bonds

Green projects

Through our Green Bond program, we aim to finance the Norwegian local sector's transition to a climate-resilient, low-carbon society. 

Proceeds from our Green Bonds are disbursed as discounted Green Loans to climate- and environmentally conscious investment in the local sector. Eligible investments are defined by our Green Loans Selection Criteria and our Green Bond Framework, which has been rewarded a Dark Green shading by external reviewer CICERO.

We are committed to driving the field of Green Finance forward. We have issued Impact Reports since 2016; in 2017, we launched a position paper on reporting methodology together with nine other Nordic public sector issuers.

KBN has been actively participating in the Green Bond market since 2010. By 2018, we have four outstanding Green Bonds that amount to USD 1 billion and NOK 1.35 billion respectively. 


Issued Size Maturity date ISIN
Feb. 2015 USD 500 mn. Feb 2025  


Oct. 2016 USD 500 mn. Oct. 2020  


Nov. 2017 NOK 750 mn. Nov. 2027  NO0010811276
Nov. 2017 NOK 600 mn. Nov. 2032  NO0010811284


You can find our impact report for 2017 here