Bergen Light Rail

Green projects
On March 13th 2000, the City Council of Bergen, Norway selected the alignment for the construction of a light-rail transit line between the centre of the city and the airport at Flesland. The system is known locally as Bybanen.

Topographically, Bergen is ideal for public transit. Because of the mountains, the population is concentrated in valleys which are under two kilometers wide and radiate from the city centre. A light-rail transit line will help improve the efficiency of the existing transit system, offer substantial capacity along the busiest corridor in the region, provide an attractive alternative to the private automobile with frequent and reliable service, and will stimulate higher density development within the served corridor.

A better and faster journey with Bergen light-rail
In the period up until 2015, the City of Bergen will invest 5,5 billion Norwegian Kroner to build new transport projects. The first stage of Bergen Light Rail, from Bergen City center to Nesttun, will become an important contribution together with the first stage of Ringvei Vest.

This is what we wish to achieve:

  • Decrease the growth in traffic
  • The greatest part of the growth in traffic replaced by public transport
  • Reduce the environmental issues caused by traffic
  • Shield the City Center from unwanted pressure from traffic
  • Build a coherent pedestrian and bicycle road system
  • Reduce the number of traffic accidents

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