Ødegården kindergarten

Green projects
KBN’s Green Loans incentivise Norwegian municipalities to invest in a greener future. With Ødegården kindergarten, Oppegård municipality (MNOK 41) has brought innovative building technology to its very youngest citizens.

Oslo’s peaceful yet well-connected front yard to the south, Oppegård, is an attractive place for families to settle. Although the municipality welcomes a growing population, the growth comes with challenges such as keeping up the kindergarten coverage. The opening of Ødegården kindergarten with six units and room for one hundred children will improve the Municipality’s day care capacity significantly.

Ødegården kindergarten

For the happy toddlers who tumble around in the colourful rooms or the brand new outdoors playground, this is undoubtedly a great place to be right now. What they are not aware of, however, is that the building is also a response to the climate challenges their generation will face in the future.

Ødegården kindergarten was constructed according to the passive house standard which means the building consumes very little energy. Air-tight windows, doors, and walls keep the heat in during the cold months and out in warmer weather. Most of the energy for heating and cooling is fetched from geo-thermal wells dug into the ground beneath the building and then distributed through a hydronic heating system.

A kindergarten is a lively place indeed; in this case, even the roof is alive. Covered by rain-absorbing sedum plants, the green roof provides insulation in the winter and a cooling effect in the summer.

Because of its energy efficiency and use of innovative solutions, Ødegården kindergarten received funding with a discounted interest rate through KBN’s Green Loans program. The NOK 38.2 million loan covered more than 90 per cent of the total construction costs of NOK 41 million.