Biological treatment plant in Tønsberg

Green projects
Tønsberg treatment plant treats wastewater from five municipalities (Tønsberg, Nøtterøy, Tjøme, Re and Stokke) in the county of Vestfold. The water is led through pipes to deepsea levels in the outer parts of the Oslo fjord. The wastewater sludge is treated and used in the farming industry and is very much sought after as fertilizer.

In July the plant was granted a KBN green floating rate loan of NOK 110 million. Owing to new regulations the plant must include a biological treatment stage operative during the first half of 2016.

- The KBN green floating rate product is competitive. Reasonable funding is welcome, says Jørgen Fidjeland, the plant’s managing director.

New technology makes it possible to establish an extra treatment stage without increasing the use of water. Machinery has been upgraded and replaced where needed.

Improved wastewater treatment is important for the Oslo fjord's water quality. The fjord is used for bathing, fishing and other summer activities. It is an area where Norwegians have summer cottages and is well known for its high count of sunny days.