New methodology for rating PSFAs

S&P has published a new methodology for rating non-U.S. public sector funding agencies – Kommunalbanken’s (KBN) rating under criteria observation

May 22, 2018 – S&P Global Ratings (S&P) has published a new methodology for rating public sector funding agencies (PSFA), which are specialized institutions established to secure and provide cost-efficient funding to public-sector entities in their domicile country or region. With this new methodology S&P aims to take better into account the characteristics of PSFA’s.

Following the changes in the rating methodology, S&P has placed the ratings of all ten of the public sector funding agencies in this category, including Kommunalbanken (KBN), under criteria observation (“UCO”).  S&P expects to review the ratings identified as UCO within six months.

The S&P Report dated 22 May, 2018 regarding Under Criteria Observation on Publication of New Criteria does not constitute a ratings action. For more information on S&P’s rating methodology